Monday, August 30, 2010


Oooh wow. What can I even say? Well let me catch you up with what has been happening with my life thus far.

I decided to quit Burger King about a monthish ago, and try to get a job in a nursing home. Well I got the nursing home job, and then they decided that I needed more paperwork done, that I didn’t have. So they gave me the option of either quitting or being fired. So I quit.

So now I’m back at Burger King, which is WAY better than any job I have ever had. I love it there, and I love my boss.

Connie, my boss, has asked me to start working out with her, and I have. I have gone twice, nothing special, but I can feel the difference. My legs and arms are starting to hurt me today, but it’s a good hurt? lol.

Last night I also found out exactly, well almost exactly, I weigh. I weighed myself three times because I thought the scale was broken, but it wasn’t. I cried when I finally realized how much I weigh, because I cannot believe I let myself get this far.

My boss knew something was up, and quickly came over, and told me that it’s not about how much I weigh now, because that is just a starting number, and that it will change with time. I’m literally in tears at this point, still pissed at myself for what I have become. I will state this number later on in the blog for the people who want to know.

So, I’m starting new. Starting my life where I want it to be. Healthy. It’s not about losing weight, it’s about bettering myself so that I can accomplish the many dreams that I have.

First, I’m going to stop drinking soda. I remember back when I played football, I lost about 35 pounds just because I stopped drinking soda before the season. It adds unnecessary calories that I do not want. Water here I come <3

Another thing I am cutting out, is fried foods. I never thought they could be as bad as they are. Frying foods destroys all of the nutrients that are in the actual food. I can find other ways of eating.

Also, I’m not going to be eating fast food from this day on. None of it. I’m done. I work at burger king, and I know how bad these foods are for me to eat, but I never gave it a second look. Even the grilled chicken, which is supposed to be better for you, but it actually isn’t. I’m stopping.

Starting a workout plan will be beneficial to me so that I can start a daily routine of walking, stretching, lifting weights, or some other activity to keep me going throughout the day. So after I get off here, I’m going to be thinking, and writing down things that I find fun in my life, and incorporating some “workouts” in them. I will post some of them in a later blog :)

So now is the whole reason why I’m posting this blog. My “number”. I have decided that for me to start losing weight and being a healthier “Kevin”, I have to tell the world exactly how much I weigh, just to get the stress off of my shoulders. The first time I weighed myself, it came up to 448 pounds. Then it was 452 pounds, and the finally it evened out to be 449 pounds. So this is my starting point. 449 pounds. :) I can now say this with confidence because I KNOW that I will be losing the weight.

I’m hoping to lose 100 pounds by the start of my new life in Alaska. So I have 11 months to get there. This means, that I have to lose just a little bit less than two and a half pounds per week until August of next year :). I think I can do it lol.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please post them. I will be checking regularly to see if anybody has posted :).

Also my next blog will be my “30 things to do in September” blog, even though it won’t be anywhere near 30 lol. Maybe 10?

So, thanks for reading, and sorry that I haven’t posted in quite a while.

Kevin :)


  1. Good Luck kevin - sounds like you've got the basics right and something to look forward to! Can't wait to read your 30 thigs to do in September!

  2. Yaaaay Kevin! You have a blog!

  3. btw. this is Ana

  4. Thanks Andrea. Today was a busy day, so I will be sure to post the next blog tomorrow :)

    And thanks Ana :)